Malayalam Movie ‘Weeping Boy’ has Sreenivasan in the leading role. The movie is written and directed by Felix Jospeh. Weeping Boy is produced by Abraham Mathew under the banner Abaam Movie.

Jagadeesh, Shammi Thilakan, Arjun Lakshmi Narayan, Shritha Shivadas, Ashokan, Devan, Lena, Praveena,  Ravi Vallathol, Sheelu Abraham, Seema G Nair and many others are in the cast.

Sreenivasan portray the role of a veterinary doctor, Sahadevan, in this film. Weeping Boy is a comedy flick with humorous approach to the characters.

Here are some of the stills from this comedy film.

arjun-lakshmi-narayan-shritha-sivadas devan-in-weeping-boy-movie jagadeesh-in-movie-weeping-boy lena-and-sreenivasan-in-weeping-boy praveena-in-movie-weeping-boy-still shammi-thilakan-in-weeping-boy shritha-shivadas-in-movie-weeping-boy sreenivasan-in-movie-weeping-boy weeping-boy-sreenivasan weeping-boy-still

Weeping Boy Malayalam Movie Stills
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