Siddique-Lal’s Superhit Movie Ramji Rao Speaking and Mannar Mathai Speaking is going to have a sequel Mannar Mathai Speaking 2. The trio of Mannar Mathai – Gopalakrishnan – Balakrishnan (Innocent – Mukesh – Sai Kumar) is returning to screen together to render new adventures through their humour.

Mamas who directed Dileep – Innocent film ‘Pappy Appacha’ and Cinema Company directs Mannar Mathai 2. The film is produced by SJM Enterprises. Vishnu Narayan cranks the camera and Rahul Raj composes music.

In the new film, the old Urvashi theatres have become Urvashi Tours and Travels and the trios new initiatives and some incidents in their new venture will form the story. Ramji Rao (Vijayaraghavan) and theatre veteran Garvasees Asan (Janardhanan) are also returning with them.

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Mannar Mathai Speaking 2